Oct 16, 2014

Unhelpfull People

Sometimes you feel guilty, sometimes you feel worried, sometimes you feel happy, sometimes you feel sooo dull, sad, emo, angry, nervous, and all kind of feeling.
The same feeling will not come for everyday, everytime, but sometimes.  Agree  or not?
But now, I'm feel weird. Weird for some of my people around me. They was sometimes not helpful to you. When you succeed , they feel jealous or talk about you behind. Same if you fail or lose something, they will 'party' your failure.
Trust me..  It is not hard at all for detect the people like this around you. How to know? Just when you lost something or you want to gain something but u can't (just in time), they will laugh  behind your back!

It is sooo simple.
People around you is bother when they care about you.. 
And also they bother when you are not in The right place (according to what they Want you to Be)
SOo What, dON't feeling Down when these people around you! Bcoz they are useful to you. It Makes u feel nobody perfect! It Makes you strong  to face all these challenge thru Your Life.

Last But Not least, keep being positive! And 'rEzEki' belongs to Allah.. He will give to You at the Right time. And don't Bother what People aspect towards you.

Last, thanks To family  and just a few my friend that really Support Me Very much. Thank you........ 

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