Jun 7, 2014

Ramai yang minta pointer ke IPTA - Lepasan Matrikulasi ?

Salam and hi..

Ramai adik2 yang lately ni ask to email all the pointer to IPTA regarding to my previous post (pointer IPTA I) and (pointer ke IPTA II).. Sepatutnya, last I can email all of you u is 31st Dec 13.. (Can refer to THIS entry too). BUT, after the date, a lot of you ask me to email. (maybe adik2 baru terbaca entry tu tahun ni, 2014). Actually, I format my lappy and all the data lost immediately bcoz of I'm not backup all my folder, document and etc. If two or three, is right for me to reply, but most of u ask for my opinion regarding bla bla bla.. Actually I really want to reply all of you, but not NOW. Sorry ok :'(

But eventually, Last year (2013) I already email some of u  the entry to IPTA's (after matricullation). So I have the soft copy (via email).. Am I right?
But, now, i'm really2 busy for my master. Please give me some space all beloved sista and brother? ;-)

I know all of you is seeking for the pointer to IPTA's in Malaysia right? Soooo...
If you think I should make an entry 'Pointer ke IPTA -Lepasan Matrikulasi part III,  all of you can comment to this entry or give me your opinion.

I will arrange soon but the time that I can make the latest entry regarding the pointer maybe in July..

Last but not least, I hope all of you can understand my situation. Pray for me please. For my thesis, project work, exam, and etc.
Thank you for your kindness..
And thanks for be patient too..

Good Luck!  :-)

**Sorry. English tunggang-langgang.. I'm worried sampai entry rasa nak speaking plak.. -.-

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