Jun 21, 2017

Kenapa Tunku Azizah Maternity Hospital

Hi.. it's been a while.. almost 2 years not blogging meh 
So, as i'm confinement period, I manage to blog.
How to start eh? Ok, first thing first, I started to find the Islamic Maternity Hospital. I've been search in Klang Valley Area.. I found at least 3 Islamic Hospital.
Naluri, Hospital Bersalin Gombak, GMC, and last but not least Tunku Azizah. After i've google and do some research, end up I choose Tunku Azizah. It is not the the other hospital is not good in facilities etc, but I want to pick the doctor itself.  Fyi, i do some research based on the doctors too 
Why I choose Tunku Azizah? First, all the doctors (even doc bius pon perempuan  taw) .. Secondly, because the traffic to go to the Tunku Azizah is not heavy /no traffic jammed but a lot of traffic light. It's ok, we do have alternative way to avoid that  (from my house, hehe)
Then, another reason? Eventhough the hospital is still new , the facilities is so good. (Private kan  haruslah berbaloi semuanya)
One of the Facilities that I looking for, at least the building is safe, convenient area, have elevators and the friendly staff (dari yg dekat kaunter, sampai staff ward suma ok, next time, i story about my experience during deliver yaa.. )
Oh yaa.  Before i forget, 8?I chose Dr. Zana to 'sambut' my baby. I start check up during 7 months  . And if I'm not mistaken, to deliver at Tunku Azizah, u need to do the appointment with the doc and at least meet 4 times (can ask and call directly Tunku Azizah to confirm that )
The price? Every checkup (scan, medicine, urine test, consultation ) around rm  ++..
If you minus the medicine and scan (tolak scan hujung2 time 37 weeks sbb dah tak clear), so pay less than rm100.
So, kalau sesiapa ada plan nak deliver dekat Tunku Azizah, tetapi rasa mahal sangat checkup kat sana, boleh la plan dari awal.
Macam i olls, start pergi around 7 months (,28 weeks ++) sampai nak dekat deliver, around 10-11 times jugak check up.. banyak kann.. 
Ye laa.. kalau dah masuk 36 weeks, lepas tu setiap minggu kena pegi.  Huu..
Lagipun, first pregnancy kan.. No experience.  Sebab tu memang jaga n pantau betul2.. mungkin ibu2 lain start 33 weeks baru pergi kan.. Depends on the mother's situation and budget. I olls pergi awal sebab risau kang terberanak awal ke, siapa tahu... But, mostly doc cakap kes yg macamtu kalau memang dari early pregnancy dah ada problem/complication macam ibu2 mengandung ade history sakit pape ke, low blood ke, macam aku low blood jugak tp skjap je.. huhuhu.. Kuasa Allah kan.. Macammane pon, keadaan kita better jumpa pakar.
Oh yaa.. dari segi bilik plak. Di Tunku Azizah ada 3 jenis bilik.
6 bedded room
Single room
Suite room
Masa awal2 lagi, aku dah pilih suite room, tapi based on the availability laa..
Rasa2, dapat tak aku nak suite room (see next entry yaaa) hahahaha

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